T.E.N Interview: with God

TEN: Dear Lord, thank you for...

God: Are you praying? I am right here.

TEN: No, just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you spending some of your time with us today.

God: Well you know, a day is like a thousand years and all that, but I don't have all day so let's get on with it.

TEN: No problem. Let's start with the beginning.

GOD: Which one?

TEN: Humanity's. There have been so many theories throughout the ages. Each people have recorded their own version of events. Which one of us actually got it right?

GOD: You all did in your own way.

TEN: ...

GOD: Religion is the instrument of faith; a moral compass if you will. Science is the engine that will explain how something happens, but not why. Each version of creation was not about how we came into being, but why. Each story about how Man was born explains a part of the complete story. The truth is the sum of all parts.

TEN: Many Christians take the story of Eden to show how men are superior to women, saying it was the women's fault that humans were cast out of Paradise.

GOD: That is how it has been interpreted by some men who had become leaders in their community. Man was created to be hunters, and when it came to women, their brains went down their pants. Women were to be nurturers. I had their tasks set up so as to benifit their strengths, not to illustrate weakness. Man and Woman were both equal, yet they each had their own purpose and function. That being said, I also give you complete freedom. If Man chose to use that freedom in order to subjugate others, than that it when he will answer for on judgement day.

TEN: So is slavery a sin?

GOD: All of mankind has a role to play on this earth. If that role is to server your master, so be it, as long as their loyalty is to Me first. Again, how you treat each other is up to you. You were given basic guidelines, but you had the freedom to choose how you were to lead your lives.

TEN: Some would argue that it was not the fault of mankind. Some would say that if you had not left Lucifer first tempt Eve, then we would still be in Paradise today. How can you blame Adam and Eve for a problem that You Yourself were not able to handle?

GOD: How do you know you have faith unless you have faced adversity? How do you know you will not cheat on your loved one unless you have been reasonably tempted? A foundation is only as strong as it's weakest link. Lucifer also had a choice, and he chose to defy me. Of course I knew it, but I could not act until he had done it. So he was punished for his own sin. Of course I knew he would go and tempt Eve, but if I had not allowed him to do it, she would have been tempted by something else. It basically comes down to knowing it would happen eventually, and simply letting them do it before acting.

TEN: Before Jesus, who was your favorite?

GOD: I loved them all equally. As a people, I chose the Hebrews since they more closely followed the ways of Adam and Eve. Among the Hebrews, there have been quite a few that were able to build a close relationship with Me in their lifetimes, but I maintain close ties to all my children in Heaven.

TEN: Since you call us your children, what makes Jesus so special?

GOD: Like the Hebrews were made Chosen because they most closely followed me, Jesus was made closer then the rest of my children because he was born from me. While the same can be said for Adam, Jesus made amends for Adam's sin.

TEN: What about calling you The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit?

GOD: Ah yes, the Catholics! You know, it took them over a hundred years to come up with that one, and it seems like every hundred years they keep inventing something new. They are way the Jews remain my Chosen People.

TEN: So who are You?

GOD: I once said that I have many names. You know only a few of them, but I am called many different things by many different people. I have been called Jehova, Allah, Great Spirit, Buddha...the list goes on and on.

TEN: Allah?!

GOD: Yes? I am still here.

TEN: I mean, that is your name too? You are the God of Islam?

GOD: I am God! I AM! Back in Moses' day, I would refer to myself and the God of his forefathers. Now I am the God of many organized religions. Or at least, I am supposed to be the One they pray to, but most people just try to take advantage.

TEN: Such as?

GOD: A lot of these religions leaders. They are supposed to be sheppards, yet they lead their flock into danger with their greed and self-importance.

TEN: Is that how you can explain Oral Roberts?

GOD: I knew you would go there! Someone may have told him to raise a million dollars, but it sure in My name wasn't Me. I almost took him anyway to prove a point.

TEN: Wouldn't that have been a sin?

GOD: Not at all. But it would have had a negative affect on people. Again, I have allowed for freedom of choice. If mankind realized that I action every wrongdoing right away, a lot of people would keep evil in their hearts. Come judgement day, I would have a lot of angry folks on my hands. Billions of people that would believe they deserved Heaven when I KNOW that they would have committed serious crimes.

TEN: But you have already made billions of people angry in the aftermath of every natural disaster. Most recently, the tsunami that hit southeast Asia has most likely created athesiets for life.

GOD: Actually not so. Many people were saved before their lives were taken. They asked for, and received forgiveness for their sins. Many of those that survived either have, or will find me, since they place a much higher value on their lives than ever before. Those that turned away would never have found me in the first place. Moments of crisis force people to evaluate their lives and make decisions. Seeing catatrophies, even over television, have people doing the same thing. I give them a choice. If they choose to turn their backs, then so do I.

TEN: So a good person can go to Hell?

GOD: That is for Me, and Me alone to decide. If I was to say, "no, simply lead a good life", then people will not do the necessary searching to understand what is good. They will miss valuable lessons they otherwise may have learned. If I say, "yes", then that forces people to find their way to Me, but out of fear and not love. If removes the choice.

TEN: Our time appears to be up. Thank you very much for your candid responses.

GOD: It was My pleasure.

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