Ecclesiastes 3.1 "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Heaven."

I had an old Pontiac that the Lord gave me in answer to prayer. He moved on someone to buy it for me as I was walking at that period of my journey with the Lord. I was glad to get that old car and the old man who sold it to us was glad to get rid of it. One thousand dollars let me drive it away. Shortly, the motor went bad and had to be replaced. This gave me an opportunity to talk to a man about his eternal destination (witnessing it's called).

Well, after the motor was fixed, the transmission went bad. I had a mechanic that I grew up with fix it for $300. There again, I was moved on by the Spirit to witness to this man. You see, his Mama had been praying for him for years, asking the Lord to send someone by to talk to her son about Jesus. I was the someone, and the Lord had arranged for my transmission to quit so the door would be open.

About 28 days after he fixed the transmission, it went out again. I was in town and the car rolled to a spot in front of a house by the railroad tracks. I walked on home (about two miles) and called the mechanic who had repaired the transmission. I relayed my problem, and he said, "Okay, I'll get the tow truck and go get it. Where is it located?" I told him where it was (I had got the address number of the house before I left the car). I heard a short pause and then he said, "I live in that house." I had no idea he lived there; I thought he lived by his shop which was about three miles away. Well, he went to get the car and called me after he had fixed it. He said, "There will be no charge as your 30 days warranty is in effect. By the way, I can't believe where the car stopped." I replied, "The Lord works in wonderful ways, his wonders to perform."

A few months later, I took my daughter, Joy, to Hinesville to pick up a friend she had met while going to school there. On the way back, I heard a thunk, looked in my rearview mirror and saw one of my tires rolling on down the highway. I pulled over on the shoulder of the road, and told the girls to sit there while I inspected the damage.

All the lug nuts had come loose which caused the tire to roll away. I went looking for the tire but never found it. Earlier, when I had looked in my rearview mirror, I saw a car stop. I guess they picked up the tire. They must have needed it worse than I did.

I walked up to a man's house, told him what had happened and introduced myself. He knew my daddy and said over twenty years ago, my daddy had prayed for him. God had set up this divine appointment to remind me of the seeds my daddy had planted (He had died in 1966 at the age of forty..he was a preacher). My car had stopped at that exact location for a divine purpose. He let me use his phone, and I called my mechanic. I said, "It's me again. My tire rolled away." He paused and said, "I'll get the tow truck and come and get you."

After he had replaced the tire and lug nuts, he tightened them down securely and said, "That'll be $75." I paid him, told him the Lord sure does work in mysterious ways, and said, under my breath to the Lord, "Lord, this is getting to be expensive witnessing!" The Lord replied, "I'm answering his Mama's prayers by sending you by. I know I can trust you to tell him what I tell you to tell him."

Two weeks later, the same tire became wobbly again. I took it back to the mechanic and he said, "What now?" I replied, "The lug nuts are loose again." He checked them and with a look of shock said, "Someone put metric instead of standard lug nuts on this wheel. Do you have any enemies?" I replied, "Yes, only one...the Devil." As I spoke these words, I felt the witness of the Holy Ghost and knew my mission had been accomplished. I had planted seeds that needed to be planted, and God would give the increase. I had some other problems with that old Pontiac, but I never went back to see that particular mechanic. I finally sold the old car for $100.

Hosea 14.9 "Who is wise, and he shall understand these things, prudent, and he shall know them? For the ways of the Lord are right, and the just shall walk in them: but the transgressors shall fall therein."

These events with the Pontiac happened in 1989. The mechanic I witnessed to now sings in a gospel singing group with his four brothers. God gave the increase!

Irvin L. Rozier

About the Author

author of My Walk with the Lord,, preacher, retired military