The end of love



The end of love cannot be found
Can't you hear its eternal sound
Throughout all time it's so profound
It never ceases all mankind to astound

It is the most dazzling light
To the soul's greatest delight
It is a very beautiful fountain
Found upon the highest mountain

In the most fiery desert
It remains the thirsty one's only resort
Upon the storm tossed sea
It brings peace's harmony

In the face of all hatred
It always seems belated
Yet it remains top-rated
And hearts of all get elated

When all does go wrong
And its potency doubted
It keeps going on strong
And its enemies get routed

All of the world's riches cannot it buy
Over it the best rocket can't fly
Without it,everything is so empty
Our greatest achievements truly vanity

It cannot be melted by the hottest volcano
Or broken by the strongest tornado
It outwits the wisest
And outlives the oldest

'Down with love,up with whatever'
Yet its essence is forever
For certainly God is love
That invincible sweet dove

Man is destined to love and to be loved.
This is proof of man's creation in God's image(Gen.1:26-27).
Man was God's first love on earth.
And God was man's first love in the gorgeous garden in Eden.
Sin eventually messed up the sweet rapport(Rom.5:12).
It's the reason why only God's love through the Lord Jesus Christ his only begotten Son can redeem man to such a blissful state of reality(John 3:16).
God's first love recovery programme is still in operation today!
And your life,family and community can be part of it(Acts 16:31)!!!

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