The Gog Magog War - America's Place In Scripture!

As we have watched the world stage over the last decade, we have seen that what was formerly a "taken for granted" idea has been capped into oblivion. The former assumption that America held no place in the scriptures, or in the prophetic end times scenario can no longer be defended when looking at the world stage in 2005. We have pointed to the possible fulfillment of the first two of the seven seals, and we now see the impending arrival of the next two in perfect concert with the scriptures! With here-fore-to unseen and incomprehensible precision, the identity of "THE" end times kingdom is repeatedly manifest! As the unfolding of prophetic scripture attempts to spoon feed American Christianity the reality of America's existence in the world's final days, the Church seems hopelessly unable to see that identification. The positioning of American forces in the middle east "rings no bells" for the American Christian, as he argues that this is a holy nation.


Resting his faith on one of his "Blessed Hopes" of being raptured by the Lord prior to the time when the Church will make it's greatest and most powerful testimony for the Lord Jesus since the time of the Apostles, he feels no need to spend any time at all pondering the end times Prophecies. The average Christian believes in one of his other "Blessed Hopes" that like America, he "gets a by" on all that "terrible stuff". While proclaiming that "his God would not put him through that", without realizing it he slaps straight across the face every faithful martyr that has died for this faith since our Lord ascended. Making the fatal mistake of placing the tribulation in a class with God's wrath, (which it most definitely is not), he takes all the uncomfortable thoughts of being tried for his faith, and any "hand wringing" that he feels he will do while reading the prophetic warnings of scripture right out of the equation. Let's ask ourselves this question:

"If we did not so desperately love our lives, would the thought of being tried for our faith, or perhaps even martyred by the Son of Perdition be as dreadful a thought as it now is to the Church?"

This Article is written by those who do not believe that the rapture is going to happen before the tribulation and furthermore, that it is very unwise to assume such an escape will occur. The scripture makes clear that the Church will not suffer God's wrath. The tribulation, the seven seals, and the seven trumpets, are not God's wrath. The vials of God's wrath are exactly that, and it is not "trimming our lamps" brothers and sisters, to assume that anything that involves trial and tribulation is God's wrath. We think it is of PARAMOUNT importance to live in anticipation of Christ's return, and that the study of prophetic scripture as well as general scripture is vital to a state of preparedness for his coming. See our article on the Rapture And The Coming Of The Lord for more information.

What we will do here is lay out some clear indications of what is happening on the world stage at this time, and why it is important to look at these events. We might also add that some of these events are items that the Church believes are to happen after it has departed, which we think needs some CAREFUL CONSIDERATION by the brethren! Finally, we will again point out what we believe to be the obvious. We will show that America is not a fairytale land that sits on the sidelines of world events and end times prophecy, and gets conveniently scooped out before all the tough stuff takes place. Yes, another 21st century "Blessed Hope" shunned by the word of God.

In order to see the argument that we have been making about America's place in scripture, it is necessary to look at the Prophetic scriptures that discuss the end times scenario. What will be taking place in the world at the time of the Lord's coming? If we are at the final hours of history, in addition to the seals, the tribulation, the trumpets, the coming of the Lord and the vials of God's wrath, there are TWO major conflicts that will be taking place. These two end times conflicts are The Gog Magog war, and The Battle of Armageddon. After the millennial reign of Christ when Satan is released to deceive the nations once more, there will be a third and final conflict. The nations that rise up against the saints reigning in the holy city are burned up by fire from heaven, which really isn't much of a battle at all.

In order to see what we believe to be America's place in scripture, we will concentrate on The Gog Magog War. We believe this War is not only at the door, but the preliminary battles have already been fought and have just recently begun. If one accepts our take on this war, then the Armageddon battle, which takes place with Christ himself leading the armies of heaven, Armageddon and its participants becomes elementary. (Revelation 19: 11-21)

In order to explain my position on these matters, I created 3 Maps of the middle east, according to how things are lining up today. Let's call this first map the "pre-positioning map" for the Gog Magog War...

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