The Greatest Love Of All

Have you ever wondered why we still exist? When Adam and Eve were instructed by

God that they may eat of all the fruits in the garden of Eden except the forbidden

fruit, God had told them that you will surely die. When they committed sin, God

could have killed them instantly and He could have created a new batch of humans

to replace them.

Yet, God had allowed them to live and have children that had filled this world,

though death came upon all of us in the form of old age, sickness, accidents,

violence, as victim of calamities and all forms of evil in this world including

self destruction.

Is it possible that God could not afford to loose us? Is it really possible that

God loved the human race so much that He devised a plan to give us hope and a

chance to live?

In the human society today, when one of us commit a grievous mistake or a crime,

that person has to pay for it either by imprisonment and or pay a fine. In some

circumstances, the civilized world may even impose capital punishment - death.

But why the imprisonment and or a fine? It is because our human society allows

that offender to realize his or her mistake and to change for the better. Of

course, most hardened criminals are either punished with either lifetime

imprisonment or death.

If human governments can afford to give offenders the chance to change their

characters for the better and allow them to live either by parole or by completing

the sentences that the offenders receive, how much more for God.

If we try to examine God's own words - the Holy Scriptures which is also called

the Holy Bible - it is evident in John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world that He

gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish but

have everlasting life.

Wow! What a statement. He really loves the human race so much that He sent His

only Son - Jesus in our place! The solution to our sentence of death is to

believe in Jesus that we may have hope and a chance to live forever.

As Christians, we know that we may still taste death. Yet if we only believe in

Christ as our redeemer, we have the hope to live again and live forever when He

comes to take us home. He did not sent Jesus to die in exchange for one man only

but for the whole human race.

Isn't God's love the greatest love of all then?

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