The Hindu Festivals: absolutely ridiculous, barbaric, and ru

Almost all of the Hindu festivals are bogus, childish, and absolutely rubbish. Here I explain how.

1. MakarSankranta (Capricorn Transition of Sun)-
It is celebrated by giving Til Gool, a kind of round sweet edible thing, to each other and saying Til Gool Ghya Ani God Bola. (i.e. have this til gool and speak good.) Now how many people really speak good because of this? Almost none! Simply ridiculous!

2. Holi and Rangapanchami (A kind of fire night to burn evil followed by some colourful celebration) -
A huge fire is created, at innumerably many places across the country (i.e. India), for the sake of burning evil. However, what is literally burnt is wood and loads of air pollution is created. The next day water balloons and colours are heavily used to throw at civilians which causes injuries and interruption to normal duties/routine. What a shame!

3. Nagpanchami -
This festival celebrates and worships the reptile