Many ounces of silver and gold have been found
Some in gurgling rivers and beneath the ground
God placed all that silver and gold there
I just found a silver dime under my chair

It is amazing where silver and gold can turn up
Gold has been fashioned into many a pretty cup
Tons of gold and silver have been lost in the sea
Treasure hunters will dive for it for a hefty fee

Man does not really own the silver and gold
Through the ages much has been bought and sold
Without gold or silver man came from the womb
And he can't take any with him to his tomb

He dies and leaves his gold and silver for others to use
Much of it is spent on gambling, sport and booze
Not a single silver or gold coin is of use in death
It is all left behind when man draws his last breath

Greed has been the downfall of many a nation and man
Some lost their life over that gold nugget in that little pan
Life on earth is very uncertain and is very short
Where are all those people who built the Knox Fort

I know that God is the owner of all the silver and gold
He even has gold paved streets in heaven it is told
So remember that the gold and silver is not your own
It was given to you from God as a temporary loan

Treasures laid up in heaven are safe and secure
Turn your eyes upon Jesus and from gold's alure
He'll give you peace of mind that thieves cannot steal
And life eternal in heaven that is O so real

Copyright 2005 Irvin L. Rozier, author of My Walk with the Lord

About the Author

Author of My Walk with the Lord,, various other poems and articles (google or yahoo search my name), preacher, retired US Army