The Use of Mysticism in The Song of Songs

The Use and Abuse of Mysticism in the Song of Songs:

The incorporation of Aristotelian thought into the dogma of Catholicism was not the first attempt to have alchemy co-opted or hermeneutically imbued into the whole system of thought. The fact that Aquinas did this under the tutelage of a Dominican Bishop who is regarded as the forbear of Goethe and Illuminized thought has not escaped me. Frater Albertus Magnus is a name still to be reckoned with in the present day as a person by that name heads the International Alchemical group in Salt Lake City. The fact that Melchizedek and Solomon or others in the family of Jesus are adept esotericists and alchemists should not surprise any real scholar. But let us assume Jesus had good intentions and later scriptural or priestly manipulators sought to bring his real and deep understanding more completely into the Christian model of spiritual growth. Here is a report from Pelikan about a fraud or attempt to do this which was accepted as church dogma for a millennium until the Thomist ideologues made the great furtherance of this under the Jesuit teaching system.