Today I planted a watermelon seed
Planted it in hope that it would feed
Three or four little children dear to me
The ground was prepared by the apple tree
Of grass and weeds the soil was bare
The tiny seed was planted with care
With a prayer to the LORD up on high
That He would cause the seed to grow, by and by
Next to the watermelon, I planted some sunflowers
Then I waited on the LORD to send some showers
I watched the seeds spring forth and grow
One day after the rain, I spied a rainbow
It spread so mightily across the sky
This beauty was from God who reigns on high
After many days the watermelon grew with might
The sunflowers bursted with colors, O what a sight
Finally the day came when I picked the melon
This juicy fruit I would not be selling
I called my grandsons, my great nephews and nieces
Cut up the watermelon and gave them the pieces
My heart rejoiced to see the juice run down their faces
With a President or King I wouldn't trade places
To see this gift from our loving God
A juicy treat sprung forth from the sod.

Copyright 2004 Irvin L. Rozier

About the Author

author, preacher, retired military