Traditions of Man Revealed

My people die for the lack of knowledge. Have you ever wondered why we hang crosses around our necks, in our homes, in our temples, etc? The majority of us are led to believe that it is in remembrance of our Savior. I'm here today to expose the lie. Ask yourself this question, if my eldest son or daughter were persecuted, belittled and left to die in a han-man's noose, would I wear one around my neck in remembrance? Or better yet, would I allow his siblings to do so? Your answer to this question should be no! Then why do we do it? Because that is exactly what we are doing everytime we hang a cross in our home, on or person, and every other place that we choose to hang one. Let me tell you why! A lot of people who call themselves the children of the Father are going to talk about me for saying this, but let them talk. They talked about the Redeemer. This article, and the future book will upset a lot of demons. So, if you feel like your spirit is in a state of unrest, stop reading, because this ain't for you anyway! This article is meant for the true believer! There's only a precious few of us out here and I intend to use the internet to reach as many of you as I possibly can. This article's intent is to remove the yokes of blindness that the children of the Father have been ladened with for centuries. One, being the cross! that's right, the cross, it Satan's second biggest lie. The first was when he convinced the world that he didn't exist. That's right people, wake up! The devil has taken an instrument used to belittle, degrade, persecute and eventually kill your Savior, and now he's got us wearing them around our necks, hanging them in our sacred places for worship. How twisted is that? Look, it ain't no secret, I've done it too. Then one day, I was looking at my son and something came over me. He was wearing a small silver chain with a machine gun medallion attached to it. Mind you, he was only nine years old at the time. I thought to myself, why are these people honoring death and then selling it to our children? At that instance, my eyes were opened. I began to look for a medallion that I thought was fit for my son to wear around his neck. I began to research symbols and signs. Do you know what I found? Every symbol and sign usedto market products,from shoes to toilet paper, is derived from pagan origins, even down to guess what? The CROSS! Imagine my shock, disappointment and confusion. Oh yeah, I resisted it as first too. I thought, this can't be true! Here I was looking for something for my son to wear on his necklace, and now I've opened up a whole different can of worms. I asked the Father(Father, what would you have me do with this information?)And by the way He kept on whooping my butt, it didn't take too long before I knew. I said to him, "Father, but who will believe me?" And He said to me in His word.

"Now the word of the Father came unto Jonah, the son of Amittai, saying, Arise go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it;for their wickedness is come up before me." Jonah1:1-2

Now, I was in a real bind because I din't want to be the one to buck the so called system. So, I did what Jonah did, I ran, even after knowing what the Father did to Jonah. But as you can probably tell, it did not take long for me to stop running. You know the belly of the beast has that affect on a person. Believe you me, my whole outlook has changed. Now I'm glad to go to Ninevah. Alot of you are just like me. You know the truth, but you're just running and hiding. In closing, I would like to say, STOP RUNNING! Let's go to Ninevah! Who cares if some don't listen, as long as the true ones do, and the Father's will be done.

Carla Robinson

About the Author

Carla Robinson is a mother and wife. She was born in 1969 in Eagle Springs, NC. Carla got saved at nine years old. In the many years of training through the Spiritual Fire of the Father in the desert, Carla is now preparing to take Canaan in the name, power and authority of her Father and Redeemer.