Twas two weeks before Christmas morn
Until that day the Savior was born
There was no Santa Claus present at that stable
Some believe the virgin birth is a fable

The three wise men knew of his coming birth
Which would take place at a spot on the earth
They knew that the time of His coming was nigh
They had observed the signs in the sky

That great star of Bethlehem shone so bright
Made the darkness flee before it's light
The wise men began to prepare for their journey
Gathered some gifts and a little money

With joy in their hearts and a song on their lips
Over the desert they went through the hills and dips
They knew that their eyes soon would see
The one who came so they could be free

The two weeks went by so fast
Their spirits soared as they saw the stable at last
They entered the stable and saw a sight to behold
For the next 2000 years this story would be told

Of the Savior who was born in a humble abode
Mary and Joseph on a little donkey rode
To Bethlehem that long ago day
Where our Savior was born to show us the way.

Irvin L. Rozier, author of My Walk with the Lord,

About the Author

author, preacher, retired military