We Regret to Announce

We mournfully announce the passing of two of our most dearest members, Somebody and Someone Else.

This unexpected loss creates a huge void that will be nearly impossible to fill. Somebody and Someone Else had been with us for many years. Year after year as our church grew and group leadership was needed or mentioned, why everyone looked to and leaned upon Somebody or Someone Else for inspiration and results. And whenever there was a job to do, or a class to teach, a song to sing, or even a meeting to attend. Why surely it was always mentioned "Let Somebody or Someone Else do it."

Most of you are totally unaware that Somebody and Someone Else were also among the largest sacrificial and most generous givers to the church. Why, whenever there was a financial need of any kind that needed to be met, everyone knew that surely Somebody or Someone Else would make up the difference when the offering plate passed by.

These beloved church members were such wonderful persons, but as happens all to often, everyone really expected too much from Somebody or Someone Else.

So please, If asked to take on a task or project at church, please remember that our dearly departed Somebody or Someone Else isn