What answer can I give to those who often say
There is no God, why should I bother to pray
Storms of life come in every shape and form
A smooth sailing through life is surely not the norm

When do answers to prayers come, or do they come at all
Does God really hear my prayers when upon His name I call
I must keep on praying although no answer is in sight
My answer may come today or it may come this very night

Where should I pray, in a public or secret place
Should I be standing upright or should I fall upon my face
I've heard many prayers prayed in a pretty church
I've observed men praying from a lofty perch

Who should I pray to, Jesus is the only one
Who died on the cross, He is God's only son
I must pray with power like the holy men of old
I my time of need, I must be very bold

Why should I continue to pray, I must ask
Often my prayer time is such a difficult task
Interruptions come and doubt creeps in my head
My heart believes in Jesus, I know that He is not dead

The words of this poem were gleaned from many years
Of praying to Jesus, who has often wiped my tears
I've prayed many prayers during the past many days
I know that God hears and answers, in many ways

Without Jesus, I would have no prayers and no hope
Of a better day coming, I must hold on to the rope
The Word of God bids us to pray without ceasing
The prayers of God's children to Him are very pleasing

Irvin L. Rozier, copyright 2005

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author of My Walk with the Lord, www.selahbooks.com