Unruly Airliner Passenger Discharge System

So often we have unruly airline passengers who threaten to disrupt a flight or cause a scene. Some have been known to attack passengers, attempt to open a door in flight or even assault a stewardess. I propose we put pods on the bottom of aircraft, which hold exactly one to two unruly passengers. If things get out of control we stick them inside and let them go like a bomb?

Once the pod gets to 10,000 feet a chute will deploy and a tracking device activated for the authorities to pick them up later. Once they landed they would be apprehended if convenient, their credit cards charged for the deployment and system, they would be bummed and then lose lifetime flying privileges too. This idea is based on another thought of taking the entire cabin in the event of dire emergency and jettison it from the aircraft like a cargo pod from a C-17 in flight, then the pilots could determine with the lighter load if it was safe to land the aircraft or try to glide down or leave themselves.

In this case it would be a small escape pod. You know the F-111 had an escape pod for the pilots.





Just say see ya and jettison the drunken fool off the plane and therefore no more problem, no more air travel for them (put them on the do not fly list) and then charge them a huge fee? That ought to teach them? Think on this.

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