Give Them an Inch

I lost an inch today.

For years I believed I was 6' 2 1/4'', and on some occasions I have answered to 6' 3''. A couple people doubted me, indeed a commenter on this blog has....I recall her saying "are you absolutely certain you are 6' 3" ?" I paid her no mind.

A 6' 0" colleague of mine disputed my height as well, but she refused to remove her heels, (probably to hide the corns on her feet) and I refused to accept her estimation.

I based my belief on a public school instrument; the ruler. A ruler is usually 1ft and you can plainly see, it says 30cm. My 'Identification card' says 186 cm, and I divided by 30 and got my height, but today at Arseblog (a forum I frequent) the Administrator ruined my day, pointing out to me that 186 cm is actually 6ft 1 1/4", and a foot-long ruler is actually 30.48 cm.

Readers, this may not matter to you, but I liked saying 6' 3", even 6' 2 1/4"...but 6 feet 1 inch is absolutely worthless. When people ask your height and you say 6' 1", it doesn't mean shit. But you know what really takes the piss....that's not the only thing I measured with a ruler, and it will take God himself to take an inch from that.....