Discover: How to prevent dog bites case.

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Discover: How to prevent dog bites case.

Of all the aggressive behavior in dogs dog bites is the most
However no matter how serious it may be you can contain it
if you are
able to diagnose the cause of this aggressive dog behavior.

In the following 8 tips

1. Before you treat any illness you have to be able to
the type of aggression your dog is exhibiting. Bellow are
few aggressive
dog behavior you have to notice I will be expanding the
subsequent tips.

Fear aggression
Possessive aggression
dominant aggression
dog to dog aggression
aggression towards infants
punishment or pain elicited aggression
protective or territorial agression

2. Then you have to consult an authority like professional
trainner, veterinary behaviorist.

3. You need to avoid situations that elicit aggressive dog

4. Lots of the aggressions are even fault of the dog owners.
Many employ punishment in teaching
obedience commands. All you have to do whenever you want to
teach obedience comman is to
use reinforcement methods.

5. Fit your dog with a head halter while training, a humane
way to treat and
control your og. Use this option only on a temporary basis.
Employ the service of
experience head halters to fit dog handler.

6. Fit your dog with a basket muzzle if restraint is
necessary for extended periods (about 3-5minutes).

7. A helpful technique for behavior modification is
obedience training, though this type of training
will hardly eliminate a dog aggressive behavior.

8. It is advisiable for you not to approach a dog that is
sleeping or unaware of your presence.

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