Athletic Scholarships

Students who excel at sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, gymnastics, rowing, athletics, track and field events, swimming, or golf often attend college on an athletic scholarship.
One can get a full or partial athletic scholarship provided you have good grades, appropriate ACT or SAT scores, and the discipline and talent that every dedicated sports person needs.
The first step is to find out which colleges or universities offer academic programs of your interest, along with opportunities to excel in sports. It is important to educate yourself while playing sports. Weigh carefully the pros and cons of attending a NCAA division 1 college against a smaller college. Often you will be able to excel at the smaller college while in a large institution you may just be a pebble in the ocean.
Playing sports at college is not the same as playing at school or in a local community. Find out from your local coach where you stand athletically and whether you are