No More Oreos? Tell Me it isn't True!

Another good citizen comes to the aid of the uninformed public. After years of eating Oreos, and enjoying them tremendously, somebody put on a pound or two. Who's to blame? You know somebody is to blame. It couldn't be the fault of the user. Did she exercise? Did she walk? Did she do her housework? No, she sat in front of her T.V. and ate Oreos.

When she realized she had gotten a little pudgy around the middle, she didn't like it. She complained to a lawyer friend. The lawyer friend listened to her crying about being fat and did his best to assure her she was still beautiful. To make her feel better, he got them both glasses of milk and took a fresh bag of Oreos from her cabinet.

Making themselves comfortable at the kitchen table, they continued to dip the cookies and argue whether she was fat or not. For hours. Finally, to shut her up, he said he would find the cause. He absolutely knew it wasn