It is with concern that I notice a large sector of society over-committing themselves financially. It is increasingly noticeable that few people can actually afford the cars they drive. Noticeable, because purchasers are having to forego the usual safety features one would normally expect on a motor vehicle. The car owners, having paid out their hard-earned cash, can simply not afford such luxuries. One could imagine that the problem I am relating is applicable to those modes of transportation with an elevated price tag--high performance vehicles such as BMW's, Porsches, and the like. On the contrary, evidence points to this being an issue that has no respect for barriers of income or education. Why do I say this? Let me tell you of my observations.

New cars seem to lack indicators. Many vehicles now only come equipped with the coloured plastic or glass lenses to ensure that they look good, but the functioning parts have been removed to save a few pennies. Every time I see a car make an unsignalled turn directly in front of me as I hurtle 100 kilometers an hour towards it, I think "Poor fellow, he's over-extended on his capital." Everything from a sports car to a beat-up truck is appearing without the humble blinker connections.

This phenomenon is spreading at an alarming rate. Not only has it gone into every sector of society, but is also affecting numerous other vehicle features that were once considered standard fare. Side and rear-view mirrors are lacking, being replaced with cheap, non-reflective plastic instead. The few cents saved in this area allows them the flexibility to change lanes, hold up traffic, cut off cyclists and ignore the police car following behind with it's flashing lights, all without undue concern. "I'm sorry officer, I just didn't see you behind me, and I didn't hear you either as the stereo was on quite loud."