Why College Education is so Crucial for Success

At this point in life I am a self-sufficient and independent person ready to take the next step in life. As I am finishing high school I clearly see my future goals that I can potentially derive from college education. The high school experience helped me understand that education is not all about reading textbooks and writing research papers. Even though those components are also extremely important and without them education would not live up to its definition, I understand education as a gradual process of learning that has a far greater scope than simply attending lectures and doing homework assignments. There are much more things I have yet to learn.

I view college education as a global learning process that would encompass learning new things that will have some positive influence on my personality in the future. Studying the various disciplines offered by a university is important but college experience should not be confined to that academic experience only. I consider college education a much more valuable experience than high school because living on campus far away from my family will have very significant impact on my personality. Living on my own will help me assess my personal skills, and ascertain the areas of strength and weakness. I consider on-campus residence opportunity a crucial part of college education because I will get a chance to discover things about myself that I never though I had. There will definitely be pleasant moments as well as hardships but it is the only way to test a person. It is much better to know your weaknesses and strengths rather than staying ignorant of their presence. Even if a person has many weaknesses it is a much better option to discover them and then fight each particular weakness rather than overlooking the drawbacks and shortcomings of one