How Come Mexican Drug Runners Build Their Tunnels Better than Coal Mines?

Over the past decade United States Drug Enforcement Agency and Border Patrol Agents along with the Federal Bureau of Investigations have discovered tunnels under our borders. These tunnels have been used to ship many tons of drugs right under the US Border.

The Department of Homeland Security is extremely concerned that Al Queda may use these same tunnels to move weapons of mass destruction and sleeper cells into our nation. The most recent tunnel discovered is around a half a mile long. In the tunnel 2-tons of Marijuana was also seized.

Now then this begs the question of the Coal Mines in the world. We have Chinese Coal mines, which are experiencing some 1600 deaths per year. Recently in the United States in West Virginia one mining accident killed 12 people. Then a few weeks later another accident killed 3 more people.

Why is it that the Mexican Drug runners can build better tunnels than the coal mining industry? Some say it is the massive amount of money available to the drug smugglers is the reason. But we spend way more on our energy in this nation to heat our homes.

I propose next time we find a drug tunnel; we make cause it to cave in and collapse at one point. Then when the drug smugglers bring their tunnel makers in to repair it. We arrest them all and put them onto a chain gang to build some better tunnels for us? No, I am not high; I am serious, perhaps we should consider this in 2006.

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