Never Trust A Man With A Bread-Shaped Head

The plan was very simple, all we had to do was go to the county fair in clown getup, and walk around giving kids the animal shaped balloons we made, do a few magic tricks, and perform a few stupid skits that clowns do. It is funny how some of the most simple times in life turn out to be among the most memorable. We arrived on a hot summer day, but everything started out just fine. A lot of children were running around on the carnival grounds with that dazed and excited look that kids get when they are set loose in kid heaven.

My partner and I worked the crowd like professionals, and the kids were enjoying the show. We noted with some measure of satisfaction that balloon animals occasionally drifted to the ground from atop the rides, as the wind caught them and ripped them out of the mits of the children. When a larger audience gathered around, we would put on a performance for them, making them laugh and applaud the show. As the afternoon wore on, I noticed that every performance we did that day was attended by a young man who was a carnival worker. This guy was a bit on the odd side. He was about twenty-three years old, and had a very distinctive shape to his head. The best way to describe it is to say that the top part of this guy