A College Scholarship Search In Your Local Area Could Change Your Life Forever - Read My Story

It is not a coincidence that when I look back at my school days and I think about who did what with their life. I quickly realize that those who had few false starts with their education had a member in their family go to college before them.

Some people are lucky if one of their parents, aunt or uncle had trod the path before them and can hand them over the treasure map. Perhaps the treasure map is outdated but it will have enough landmarks for them to find their way through the labyrinth of graduate education that include things like how to carry out a college scholarship search and how to search for your college of choice .

If you are the first in your family to go to college sometimes you have only second hand information to go on. But second hand information can still be good enough.

My defining moment was when I found out from the friend of a friend who incidentally heard from the son of our careers officer that they had been able to find money to go to college. Interestingly he didn