Get Assistance Writing Scholarship Essays - Follow the 7 Steps Below

Do you need assistance writing scholarship essays or do you prefer to put your reader to sleep?

It is not easy to create a lasting impression on someone who reads fifty or more essays a day. Can you persuade the scholarship officer that you are an individual with a real life and an interesting personality worthy of a free money award?

Your writing has to rivet the eyes of the reader to the page. It must be clear, concise and effective so that he does not resist reading all of it. More importantly your writing must get him to remember and act on what he has read.

Dr. Joe Vitale a writer of world renown and master of persuasion describes the process of writing into seven steps outlined below:

State your intention

A one line statement describing the result you want from your writing.

Brainstorm, get the facts and select a topic

With your intention in mind, brainstorming, gathering the facts and selecting a topic is easier.

Write a first draft

Write non stop, if you can