Cartoons As Weapons of War?

What if it were that easy I ask? What if instead of sending nuclear enabled ICBMs to your neighboring countries, you could solve you anxiety and frustration thru designer cartoons? What if we all stepped back and laughed at ourselves and each other and determined all this sound and fury does no one any good, but rather is creating animosity and spite which has lasted thru some 60 generations?

It seems as we saw the riots in the Muslim nations over the Danish University Newspaper cartoon of the Great Allaah with a turbine on his head made to look like a bomb signifying the most radical Islamic clerics who use their religion to recruit suicide bombers; we are learning a lesson indeed. The lesson is this; when someone wants to cause a conflict over something they will always find a way. They will always find a way to play victim or use the conflict label another or a group or even a nation.

We know in watching human groupings and chimpanzee troops or even High School Football team cross town rivals that to build a team, you must first pick an enemy. Well not always, but we know that such a method is perhaps the easiest way. Rather than uniting ourselves against another, why not unite all in a common cause of cartooning.

So that we may look at ourselves and our neighbors and just laugh at the whole thing; after all we are a bunch of silly humans and get all worked up nothing at times. Come on humor me, this was not such a bad article? Consider this in 2006.

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