How To Fund A Government Incentive Program

While working for a time at a federal agency, I found that the demeanor and morale of my co-workers was regularly hitting a low ebb. Part of the difficulty with the government job infrastructure is the lack of incentive based work. Since federal institutions do not run on a profit motive, there is often a feeling that incentive is replaced with threats that one might inadvertently violate some rule or regulation that will result in termination. Many managers in these facilities tend to reinforce the idea that workers need to strictly follow all guidelines in place, or risk dire consequences for the future. In addition to the looming clouds of nebulous regulations that nobody seems able to clearly define, government employees must also face the constant possibility of an interruption to program funding, or a congressional reorganization that might close a facility in one district, and open a new office in another. Each new day is met with some added scenario of why unemployment may be the next stage in one