Worser and Worser

It's getting worser and worser and people are getting dumber and dumber.

How about those child-proof medicine bottles? What are you going to do about that second muscle relaxer pill?

Or those zippers on half-gallon ice cream containers? They never work!

Or why do you get that stuff on your hands when you open a can of tuna?

Or you visit your friend in a half-million dollar house and he tells you to jiggle that knob on the commode. Hundred and fifty year old technology-Can't they get it right.

Ever try to open an new CD? You'll need a hacksaw to take off the shrink wrap.

Or you go in a restaurant with you wife and the waiter says,"Two"---like the invisible man is with you.

And why do I have to dial 10 digits to call my neighbor on the telephone when four numbers used to do the trick?

Years ago, you had two gas pumps and two guys who would put the gas in your car, clean your windshield and check you tires. Now you have 21 pumps and you have to pump the gas yourself, go and stand in line inside the store until the guy with the stay eye says, "May I help, you"?

And they've changed a lot of the words: you don't have and operation-you have a procedure; you ain't got pain, you got discomfort. Even the finance company got in the game: They told me I was overextended; all I know's I'm broke!

And now you got to pay $2.00 more for a cup of coffee you can't pronounce!

And why does that clerk have to make 57 entries in the cash register when I buy a box of computer paper?

And now they got words I don't even understand. Like Proactive-I thought that was something you put on when you were on a wild date. Or Facilitator-who comes up with this stuff!

And warning lables-before you know it, they'll have warning lable on toothpicks!

I'm tell you, it's getting worser and worser!

Gene Smith is a North American from West Virginia. He has written other stuff.