Busy-body Building for Women

Not long ago I received a flier in the mail advertising a conference for women.

"Now, more than ever," the flier said, "you have unlimited potential when it comes to what you can achieve." I hoped they would explain why now, more than ever, so I read on:

"All it takes is the right attitude, the right plan, the right opportunities, and the right tools." Is that it? Why, they make it sound so easy!

There were a number of interesting workshops being offered. One was entitled "Feng Shui: Hidden messages in one's work environment."

I can see it now. Jane, who has just taken this course, walks into Carol's office. She notes that the picture of Carol's husband is at a slight angle to the tape dispenser. This gives Jane powerful insight into Carol's personal matters...

Jane: I'm sorry about your marriage problems, Carol.
Carol: Wha--how did you