Capital District Localities and Landmarks Rooted in Author's Uniquely Penned Hometown Humor Book

Local author J. Peter Yakel has released a hilarious fiction tale with roots to a number of localities and landmarks about New York's Capitaland area. Notable places mentioned in the comedy adventure include the towns of Berne, Knox, Westerlo, Cambridge, Cobleskill and Greenville, as well as Albany and Schoharie counties. In addition, the well-worn paths of Delaware Turnpike and Route 85, the fine hunting grounds of Partridge Run, and the prominent 'stone wall' of Westerlo weave their way into the pages of the book as well. Says the author, "People write about what they know. My capital district roots are deep and they stretch back more than 150 years, so choosing to include parts of our local geography in the story was a natural extension of how I conceived the development of The Legend of Juggin Joe."

The author describes his story as an over-the-top adventure with a special twist. Not only is it tied to Capitaland, but his unconventional writing style gives the book its unique flair. "The entire story is written in my own brand of 'country-speak'. I've never seen or read a book written anything like it, which is part of the reason why I chose to create it. The great thing about the dialogue is that it makes the adventure so much fun to read, and it actually draws readers into the story."

Yakel concedes that, for some readers, the Juggin Joe story may only be a lightweight outlet for laughter. He's fine with that - after all, it is a humor book...But the self-published author adds, "There's a lot bubbling just below the surface of Westerlo's topsoil. Scratch the surface of this country knee-slapper, and you'll quickly see what I mean."

The book tells the story of how a mischievous boy, born and bred in the close-knit town of Westerlo, acquires the musical gift of jug blowing, and quickly rockets to international celebrity as "Juggin Joe". Unfortunately, his iconic rise to music stardom is stymied by the shared sorrow he and his forbidden love interest, Florentine, endure. Her daddy, (who is also the town Parson), disapproves of the fledgling courtship and disallows it. Saddled with heartache bigger'n the Heldebergs, Joe walks away from his brilliant music career, and joins the Federal Army. Shipped overseas, the young man loses the relative safety of home and family for which he cares so much. Almost as quickly, Fate steps in and brings the music star-turned-soldier face-to-face with the most powerful man on the planet. With his superiors caught in a seemingly hopeless entertainment bind, Joe offers his juggin talents. In short order, he's back in the spotlight, whoopin' it up for the Commander-in-Chief. Afterward, a discussion between the straight talking country boy and his President has the effect of altering the global balance of power!

International reviews of the book have been strong and positive, says Yakel. He adds, "I am particularly pleased with the review of Viviane Crystal (, who said, '...this writer who has created a unique style of "country speak" dialogue and storytelling that is quaint and entertaining without the need for the raging dysfunctional status besetting so much of contemporary fiction.' Her read of the book was spot-on. I hope more people enjoy the humor of Juggin Joe, especially my friends and neighbors around Capitaland."

The Legend of Juggin Joe (ISBN 1-4116-2588-9) is available for purchase on the world-wide-web, by logging onto: or by visiting the following Capitaland NY stores: Borders of Colonie, Borders of Clifton Park; The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza; or I Love Books, Inc. of Delmar.

J. Peter Yakel is a freelance writer and author of three books. His articles have appeared in publications such as Communications Technology, The Pipeline, and Army Reserve Magazine. Joe's works have also been highlighted on USAWOA Online, USAR Online, and other Internet websites.

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