Do You Know Yourself? Test

We all claim to know many things. We analyze our friends, our colleagues and other people. We try to find out how others act and behave. We act like a know all about others. How about ourselves? Do we know ourselves?

We react to many stimuli - both from outside and our mind. We go into different moods and act differently at different times. We can not predict our own behavior many times. We know something about our likes and dislikes about food, clothing, home and such thins. But what about our emotions? What of our mind? Do we know? Can we predict our own reaction at a given situation? It may be different at different times, depending on our own mood. We are not machines and therefore highly unpredictable.

How about knowing about our emotions and our mind better? How about analyzing our self? How about finding out more about ourselves? That would surely help us in improving our life. It may not give us more money, but certainly more peace and a sense of control on ourselves.

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