Graduation Slideshows

Slideshows for graduations are a very beautiful way to show the graduate how very proud you are of him or her. As parents we pour our hearts, souls and lives into our children. We watch them grow from a beautiful infant to a beautiful and responsible adult. Graduation day is the first step in their independent life. What better way to celebrate than with a graduation slideshow production the celebrates the life of the graduate.

The first smile, the first step, the first lost tooth, learning to ride a two-wheeler, the first tee-ball game, the first ballet recital, the first day of school, the first dance..... These memories and so many more preserved in photographs and videos. Most of these photographs and videos are spread out through various photo albums, shoeboxes and racks of videos. But with a graduation slideshow production you can put all your favorite photos and videos together to create a beautiful, sentimental, and heart-felt celebration of the graduate