Paris Hilton Jokes: Paris Hilton to Release Hip-Hop CD

PARIS HILTON TO RELEASE HIP-HOP CD. Will she rap a duet with Vanilla Ice?

Vanilla Ice:
All right stop -- collaborate and listen
Ice is back with Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton: Someone -- grabs a hold of me tightly
My boobs are poppin outta my nighty
Will it ever stop? yo -- I don't know
Turn off the lights -- and I'll blow

To the extreme I rock a crotch like a scandal
Light up a stage I deep-throat a pan-handle

Dance -- bum rush the speaker that booms
I'm killing your brain, I'm as dumb as you assume

Deadly -- give you herpes incredibly
Wear less on my breasts to distract from this medley
Love it or leave it I always get my way
Climax on camera but then you have to pay
If there was a problem, my daddy would solve it
Check out the hook on my nose while my DJ revolves it

I got Ice ice baby


* Paris Hilton to release a hip-hop CD.
What's the problem here? Every rap song today is about money, bling, and cars. Paris has all 3! The only white woman MORE qualified to be a rapper is Martha Stewart. Because she's been to jail!

Martha: It's a hood thing!

* Paris Hilton to release her 1st CD! If it's anything like her 1st DVD, it's gonna really blow!

* Socialite turned Mediocre Adult Video Star, turned Bad Actress Paris Hilton is releasing a CD.

Man, the bar is set so low, a midget couldn't limbo under it.

* Her rival, Nicole Richie, plans to answer with a "diss" record. They're like the 50 Cent and Ja-Rule of skanks.

* On the new Paris Hilton CD, record companies have finally designed an anti-piracy technology that ensures no one will illegally download her songs off the internet. The technology is called "Paris Hilton's singing."

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