Granny Tours Brothel with a Coupon

Our trip to Nevada for a classic car show was a blast but it turned out to be more than we bargained for. We got together in the campground each day and ate quite a variety of food. One night was Dutch Oven cooking. Another night was fried chicken night and there were always many different types of salad to share. At the street dance, the disc jockeys played music from every era so eventually all the different age groups got to dance. Local businesses sponsored a fireworks display. A real treat for first timers were the burn-outs. The drivers went through a lot of tires but it sure was fun to watch.

Many coupons were in the bags for the car show people. There were coupons for two dollars worth of nickels for one dollar in a local casino. An interesting coupon offered a tour of one of the local brothels which included a free drink. Six of us got real brave and ventured over. The owner was a pleasant man who had been the accountant for seventeen years before he bought the business.

He told us all about Diamondfield Jack, Jack Dempsey and many more historical facts related to the area. He told us that the majority of his business is from truck drivers. He has an ATM machine for customer's use. There is also a card file. After twelve visits, the thirteenth is free. He has three freezers of meat and often has barbeques for his regulars. He lets his girls decorate their rooms as they wish.

One girl put her son through medical college working there. Then he had us lay on a round bed with a red velvet bedspread and took a Polaroid of us. Each couple got a copy as a souvenir. He explained the line up of girls when a customer came in. There was also a sitting room and shower stalls for two.

We did get some strange looks when we came through the front door. We were three ladies and three men.

When other members of the car club learned of our expedition , they decided that next year, if that coupon was offered, they were going on this unique adventure.

Granny Marge Holley has just published her second humor book, Granny's Journal, at age 62. She is a librarian in a small town and has five children and fourteen grandchildren. Her first humor book was, "Have I Ever Told You How Much I Hate People? Written by Two Little Old Ladies With No Friends