Major Software Innovation: Same Tasks In All Programs Will Be Done With Same Clicks

Writing software, once a form of individual proclivity, is about to be, at least in its most common functions, daringly standardized.

The innovative initiative has been dubbed "A Uniform Standard For Dumb Simple Tasks."

While the group that has put forward the radical suggestion has no way of enforcing it, widespread adoption is expected, because there is an emerging sentiment in the software industry that the consumer has been driven bats long enough by small and totally unnecessary variations in how identical tasks are performed in different programs.

Now there is hope that soon the maddening confusion will become tech-dreck history.

Once the Dumb-Simple Standard is solidly in place for software, the group hopes to turn its attentions to keyboards, particularly for computers and cell phones, where the same individual design preferences have resulted in, for example, millions of searches for the delete key.

As a spokesman for the group said,