Iran Must Be Allowed to Have Nuclear Weapons

Many are upset that Iran is getting nuclear weapons, as this is dangerous to the world. Yet do you realize some people are actually for this. They actually believe if Iran has nuclear weapons that it will help them and help balance the region? In debating this online with a Muslim who moved to Canada who continually slandered my name, it seemed to be no use in helping him understand why Iran should not be allowed to have nuclear weapons. So I told him;

You are so right, I am so stupid, ignorant, un-educated and have no experience in anything. In fact I just make it all up as I go because I am so dumb. I think you for pointing this out and I have considered all your comments. And now, I agree with you and say we must allow Iran, which sponsors international terrorism and has promised to blow Israel off the map, have nuclear weapons. But why wait. Let's just bump up the time-table and give them some of our nuclear weapons.

I move we give them 35 Nuclear Weapons to Iran. Then they can give ten to various International Terrorist groups to hit Western Civilian Populations and cities to kill innocent life and make everyone afraid.

Then they can have 15 nuclear weapons to swarm Israel one evening after they have a bad hair day. And still have ten left over to defend them selves against any Coalition Nation who might stand up against them. This is such a good plan. The sooner the US gives them the nuclear weapons so they can use them as a deterrent the better. You are so much smarter than me Mohammed, I am so glad you set me straight?

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