Moussaoui and Richard Reed Shoe Bomber Must Be Set Free!

Many people want to see Moussaoui sent to the death chamber for his assistance to the 911 team, including Moussaoui himself so he can die as a great martyr for Allah? Some are now confused should we have him rot for the rest of his life in prison or go for capital punishment. Some liberals are still saying imprisoning Muslims or killing them will not help the US win the hearts and minds of the people. Interesting? Okay here is that thought taken to its ends;

We must pray for them and spare their lives, it is cruel and unusual to put them in Gitmo, and capital punishment might hurt, those needles are really sharp too. So we must release them and buy them a house and give them a radio show. These gentlemen are the epitome of an honorable life.

They are indeed some of the most wonderful people and one of them even said he was sorry so we must forgive him, pray for both of them, tell them we love them so much and release them back to the Taliban so they will either try again or become trainers to new Jihadists.

We must love our Muslim neighbors and win their hearts and minds. It is the right thing today. In fact I read a thesis paper on this from Harvard PhD. Student, which indicated such a methodology will make us so much safer? Perhaps we ought to stop trying to appease the International Terrorism and get rid of them. Consider this in 2006.

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