We Must Appease Radical Regimes Which Sponsor International Terrorism

We all know you cannot reason or negotiate with International Terrorists; but what about Nation States with radical regimes, which sponsor International Terrorism? Well there are ways to appease them and let me explain how we can do this in the present period and make the International Terrorists very happy.

The USA must allow the fanatical, radical Iranian Leadership to have at least 30 nuclear weapons. Ten to give to International Terrorist Organizations they now sponsor already. And 20 nuclear warheads ICBM missiles so they can point them at every major city in Israel and a few at key European targets incase the Leadership gets mad or has a bad hair day.

But why wait. Let's give them some nukes now. So they can put on top of those high-tech Chinese ICBM missile platforms they already bought ehy? Maybe a few extra too so they can point them at Baghdad or the US Military base there now too? I came up with this after listening to Bloggers go on and on about the US Policy in this matter and then told them; Good plan. I applaud your incredible ability to reason and excellent strategic thinking. You are a credit to your family name for such intense problem solving. Wow, the World will be safer now indeed. Good job.

Lance Winslow - EzineArticles Expert Author

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