The Paper or the Staple; Which Lasts Longer?

One of mans greatest inventions has to be the staple, not the paper clip. Do you know why? Well it is very efficient indeed. That is to say it works real fine an lasts a long time you see? The paper clip can come off important paper can be mixed up or separated or taken out of context you see? Where as a staple will last and hold the papers together until one of three things happens;

1.) The Paper rots out

2.) Some Moron Rips the papers apart

3.) Hell Freezes over or the papers hit the circular file

So if the staple lasts longer than the actual papers it holds together maybe we should get with some engineers from General Motors who work on planned obsolescence; that is to say design things to fail on schedule, like everything on your car as you write the check for the last payment? And let