Conspiracy Theory on Illegal Immigration Marches

You may not be aware of it but these illegal immigration marches into the many demonstrations with millions of people around the country are part of the bigger conspiracy. That's right, there is a conspiracy afoot. You see, many other Hispanic workforces come to United States of America has picked up bad work ethic habits of many Americans. Many have come here to build a better life and so they have.

But did you know that many of these illegal aliens are now becoming too fat to work. That's true, many are becoming overweight, eating too much and not working hard enough to burn off fat. It looks as if all the fat, dumb and happy Americans have been teaching all the illegal aliens some very bad habits. And we cannot have any of that.

So many people look around the country have organized marches to help the illegal aliens burn off the fat. If given them big flags, some American and some Mexican to waver around frantically to give their upper body a good complete work out. This indeed will help burn off calories and help thin up our workforce. Many of the wealthy liberals organizing these marches have gardeners, live-in maids and even hire some of these illegal aliens in their businesses.

So you see, do not be alarmed with the millions of protesters yelling obscenities in Spanish at all the Americans, because the jokes on them. We're just trying to get some of that frustration out of them, make them too tired to fight eviction from our country in and to get them to lose a few more pounds while we work their asses off before we throw them out. I heard this from a reliable source, a conspiracy theorist and homeless person in downtown Santa Monica near the pier. Consider the 2006.

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