Illegal Aliens March 3 Miles To Prove A Point?

You know our habit watching these illegal alien marches in generally they are less than three miles in one has to ask themselves why are they so short? For instance the black Americans in their million man March had over 100,000 people who marched three point to miles as opposed to these illegal aliens who only March 3 miles.

Look, if you want to impress me I want to see you run a marathon carrying your G-darn flag. Because it seems to me if you can run, jump or swim you can become an American. If this is why the Mexican government has such a small Olympic team. Because anybody who can do any of those three things is already here.

Additionally, if these illegal aliens are such great workers and take off a whole day's work to March, then why can't they do more than three miles? Had he picked up to many bad habits from Americans were eaten too much American food and got so fat they can't make it any further, well? Answer me.

Personally if they can do more than three miles in the take a whole day off of work to do this, then I don't think we need any more lazy people in our nation. Thus, they should leave. Recently I was a carwash getting my car cleaned and the border patrol showed up and everybody started screaming