National Illegal Immigration Boycott; Why Not Make it One Month?

On May 1st, 2006 there will be a Hispanic boycott of all businesses and they plan on not spending any money. They say they are doing this to promote fairness to illegal immigrants, however many of the Hispanic people participating are not illegal immigrants; they are here legally.

This national illegal immigration boycott is a slap in the face to Americans considering all we have had to deal with; with 24 million illegal aliens in our country who are not even supposed to be here. I say that Hispanic groups should not participate in any illegal immigration boycott.

I say let the illegal immigrants and illegal aliens boycott if they want to and why not make the boycott one month and not only one day and meanwhile they can take a vacation to go back to where they came from for that month and then all Americans can see that we will get along just fine without any illegal immigrants in our country at all.

Some believe that American economy would collapse without illegal aliens to work. I absolutely disagree with this notion and I would say it is a farce. The United States of America and her people can and do work very hard. Some say there are jobs that Americans will not do, however I say we have the technological advances to build robots to do those jobs and therefore that point of contents in an argument is absolute BS. Please consider this in 2006.

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