Guantanamo Bay International Terrorist Detainees Must Be Released

The Leader of Germany has asked that the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay be released and the United Nations has also asked that this be done; Okay I agree then. So let's allow any prisoner who wishes to leave swim home. In fact let's take them out ten miles to help them with a head start okay? Sure that makes sense and it is fair, a head start is an idea.

We can ask them where they want to go and then take them out ten miles in that direction and allow them to swim home and be free from the prison at Guantanamo Bay. Many of these prisoner International Terrorists are indeed really wanting to get back to the Middle East and that is an awfully long way.

Surely we cannot take them all the way home, as that would be a huge burden on the taxpayer right? But we can give them a free ten-mile head start into the ocean. We are such a good nation, a strong nation and a caring nation and we really should give them a head start on their journey homeward.

We can also give them a back-pack, which would contain enough food for the trip and tie it onto them so they do not lose it or it does not sink. It will take them at 3-miles per hour about 120 days to cross the ocean and they will need a lot of food for the trip about 3 pounds per day or about 360 pounds of food tied to them.

So, we put 360 pounds in the back pack and then tell them to start swimming by jumping off the boat you see? Let them pray to Allah and say;