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Phoenix, Arizona--March 31, 2005-- Something very rare is blossoming in the desert. Five talented musicians are coming together as one true sound. SiOP delivers a punch that catches the listener off guard. Their music portrays a positive message to the world. This is a collaboration of tireless artists who own the patent on work ethic.

SiOP breaks down the constraints of one specific genre. They are intense, heavy and they bring their art to the people. In a sense, their music mirrors the attitudes of each member of the SiOP family. This is an extremely diverse alliance of artists. SiOP offers a sense of unity that some bands find difficult to ascertain.

Conceived in 1999 and enjoying a tremendous amount of regional success the band understands that the sky is the limit. SiOP is enjoying the fruits of their tireless promotion efforts by touring throughout Arizona, California and New Mexico. Regionally SiOP draws particularly well packing venues with 1500 fans.

SiOP is comfortable with the national spotlight performing with Papa Roach, Taproot, Breaking Benjamin, Thornley, Static-X, Lo-Pro, Soulfly, Illnino, Slaves On Dope, Dope, Motograter, Twisted Method, Kicking Harold and Gilby Clarke. SiOP has also played the 5100 Nokia Core Tour Extreme Sports Festival. The band will keep a national focus by performing dates for Luckyman Productions based on the West Coast.

SiOP's debut single, "Beside Myself," receives numerous spins on Active Radio Play lists including KHST in Pittsburgh, KS, KXGE in Dubuque, IA, KZRC in Bay City, TX, WQZK in Keyser, WV, KARZ in Marshall, TX and 92.9 KRWN in Farmington, NM. In addition, their single,