Why Lawyers Are Safe

The safest profession some say is a lawyer. This is for many reasons; one reason for instance is that everyone hates lawyers, I do not know why, they just do, ask anyone about these professional parasites which do nothing for society and are like an over all tax on civilization. You see one reason why lawyers are safe is because no one wants to hire a lawyer if they accidentally kill one. You see if you serious injure a lawyer or accidentally kill one then you have to hirer another one of their mafia like industry to defend you.

It use to be that if you lived in a town which only had one lawyer then that lawyer could go broke. But if there were two, well then they both made out like train robbers, mafia bosses or corrupt politicians. This is because if you have two lawyers they just invent problems and get everyone in a tizzy. Today the problem of only one lawyer a town just does not exist anymore, each year 400,000 new lawyers hit the streets to chase down ambulances and piss on fire hydrants like dogs.

So there is plenty of lawyers out there to make lawyering one of the safest and easiest ways to make money in our nation today. And don