Why We Have Not Caught Osama bin Laden Yet

Do you ever wonder why we have not caught up with the chief International Terrorist who caused the 911 Attacks on the United States of America yet? Well I heard it thru the grape vine that Osama bin Laden is dressing like a woman and has gotten a boob job. I was told by a very reliable source; A Homeless Guy named Jimmy Something who was trying to get a ride at a Travel Center in Albuquerque and hanging out in the Professional Truck Driver Lounge.

He told me that this is why no one can catch him. It is because he can go to a garden party where everyone knows his name but you will not recognize him because, well according to Homeless Jimmy, Osama bin Laden does not look the same.

Of course he would be one very tall woman and it seems like the CIA would be able to spot him using Jimmy