Dig a Giant Ditch on the US-Mexican Border; Use the Dirt to Fill in New Orleans

Okay here is the deal, we have a huge problem with New Orleans in that the water has mostly all drained out and what is left is totally toxic. The whole area should be a Superfund Site, yet what do we do now? The Mayor recently re-elected wants all the taxpayers to pay for fixing it and the lawyers are just waiting to sue for mold and such in all the structures. Next the city is sinking 2 inches every year and each Hurricane Season may deliver another death-blow to the city. But that is not the only 200-300 Billion Dollar Problem we have you see.

We have a huge problem on our borders with illegal aliens and illegal immigration along with drug runners and MS-13 gang members crossing. So I propose digging a death-ditch on the border. If someone tries to cross they fall into an abyss, a giant drop off ravine. Now then we take all the dirt we used to dig this humongous ditch and take it to New Orleans and fill it in. So it will no longer be below sea level and we can change the name of the city to the Mount New Orleans instead of the City of New Orleans.

We must consider non-linear solutions and attempt to kill two birds with one stone while solving our Nation