Accomplish Your Dream of Becoming a Lawyer

The world is a wonderful place filled with all sorts of possibility.

In a day and age when opportunity abounds, I'm surprised to find
many people who give up on their dreams.

I'm here to tell you, as
a person who really has 'been there and done that' that you can become anything you want to be!

I actually became an attorney using nothing more than the Internet,
my brain, and my burning desire to succeed. If you have a burning
desire to succeed too, let me share with you the four biggest lessons
from my experience.

1. No goal is too big.

I can't begin to tell you how many people said to me "Become an attorney by going to distance learning and online law schools? Yeah, right!"

My license to practice law proves these doubters wrong.

If you're like me, you have skeptics in your world too. People who tell you that your dreams are too big. People who tell you that distance learning won't work. People who say the Internet is a fad and look at you as if you just announced you were moving to Mars.

Here's my advice. Don't listen to them. Listen to your heart.

The Internet has literally kicked open the doors of academic and Career opportunity. I'm not talking about a little bitty crack of opening. I'm talking WIDE open.

You can be anything you want to be. Settle for nothing less than the excellence that lives in your heart.

2. You need a plan of action.

When I first set my goal, it seemed SO overwhelming. I was a sort of a pioneer then, really. The resources that exist now were very hard to
find at that time