Abandoning Crude Oil in 2150

It appears at the current rate of new technologies and considering our nations growth, illegal immigrant population increases and demand issues that we may actually break our addiction to oil by somewhere around the year 2150 if all goes perfect.

The good news is that our addiction to foreign Middle Eastern Oil will be broken much sooner than that in around 2146 nearly 4-years earlier and that is a major accomplishment and we should than the leadership of our nation for working hard to achieve this goal 4-years ahead of the oil ending as a fuel of choice by 2150; very impressive indeed and thanks to all.

Actually some might say that 2150 is such a long ways away that all this smoke and mirrors and talk is simply public relations babble and indeed some might argue that the reality of the efforts compared to the rhetoric is a little unnerving. Yet those who argue that nothing is being done clearly do not seem to be attempting to change their own habits? After all only some 400,000 Americans bother to drive Hybrid Automobiles or are even on a waiting list to get one.

If a consumer movement starts the market will respond and if not it won