1940's Book Has Belated Debut; Reveals America In War That Felt Right

Critics cheered the publication of a conditionally new book, The American Home Front, penned by Alistair Cooke, most widely known as the host of Masterpiece Theater but earlier on an innovative British journalist.

The tome, written in the early 1940s, provides a portrait of America gearing up for World War II, which none too few consider the last war the country entered that the populace felt generally right about.

We must admit it's reassuring to see that there was actually a time in America's history when war and its welcome were comfortable accompaniments.

These days it can be especially difficult to realize that the biggest wars the nation fought were actually ones that allowed us to save more lives than were killed and to preserve more civilization than was vitiated, two saving features that constitute foundational measures of what may accurately, if reluctantly, be considered a good war.

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