ADDISON'S Addison's disease

The Internet is full of "GOSH-JOURNALISM" articles about Addison's disease. Sometimes, these are written by somebody who declares himself to be a doctor, sometimes they are anonymous.

There is reputed to be a "CRAVING FOR SALT" - yet the truth is that the hormone aldosterone stimulates the digestion of salt - so when it is deficient there is actually a DEFICIENCY of salt appetite.

In the final analysis, the only people who can really decide what the disease is like are those who RESEARCHED the subject, and researched it PROPERLY in the DAYS BEFORE STEROIDS ARRIVED.

There is no way that the medication can be confused with the disease, because there was no medication.

Go to to read ADDISON'S OWN BOOK, as well as those of his assistant WILKS, of GREENHOW and others.

I took the trouble of republishing in order that the truth shall be preserved.

Copies of these books can also be found in national libraries - the US Library of Congress, the British Library and the Wellcome.

Go for it - it's the truth.

About the Author

Charles Douglas Wehner is an engineer and technical suthor afflicted with Addison's disease.